18th - 19th May 2016
America Square Conference Centre, London
Where industrial designers meet
18th - 19th May 2016
America Square Conference Centre, London
Where industrial designers meet
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Testimonials 2015

Brian Stephens, Co-founder & CEO, Design Partners
It‘s fantastic so far, really good synergy between all the different speakers and everything that each person says has been relevant to the other person so we can see one cohesive whole coming out of the whole conference. It's the first time we've spoken but somebody from our office has attended over the last couple of years so when this year we had something we wanted to say, it was great to take the opportunity to say it, and to have people listen.

Pete Hunt,  Solar Capture Technologies
Brilliant conference that gave a snippet into current motions within design, totally worthwhile attending

Paolo Lorini, Owner, Paulo Lorini Studio
I come from Milan, I am here for the first time at PD+I 2015, as I was invited by the former Chair, Kevin McCullagh of Plan, who is a good friend. I have been asked to talk about designers and their shifting roles and so far it's been a very good experience - a great crowd and lots of energy, so I definitely hope I can be back again in the future.

Heather Martin, Vice President of Design, Smart Design
I haven't spoken at PD+I before, but my product design colleagues came along when it first started and they were very complementary, I remember, they talked well about this conference. I really came because I come from an industrial design background but also because Smart is a product design company. Hopefully it gave people an insight, if they are thinking of making a shift, it is possible. I'd come again, but it'd be nice to sit in the audience and listen. There are a lot of designers here, typically when I go to conferences there is a higher number of clients, so this really is product designers learning from each other.

Peter Kettle, Roland DG
Industrial designers are found in every industry and at every level of company size. As far as I am aware, PD&I is the only UK event which brings them together under one roof.
One way of measuring the quality of an audience is to imagine a bomb going off during the conference and measuring the impact of their loss on the industry. If this happened at PD+I, British product design would suffer for a decade. Totally non-PC way to assess the conference, but effective.

Wendy Howard, Twig Design
I enjoyed speaking today. It is very interesting and, on reflection, I worried if I got my point across enough that getting people into design earlier makes more sense. I hope that it may have broken down barriers a little bit between the industry and education. I'll know if it's been a success if I see next year that my students can apply for apprenticeships. That would be the proof of the pudding. It was for that reason I decided to speak this year - that student in my class who who was struggling and asking 'why are we doing this?'

Jung, SPFP
The conference was very fruitfull and open-minded. Thank you!

Thomas Hamilton, Consultant - Technical Design, PDD Group Ltd
I think [the conference] was really good, it was interesting to see views from school and sixth form level all the way through to masters and universtiy lecturers. You could see the same kind of things being said in that industry experience is needed, and few points were reiterated so hopefully we can get some calls to action. This is my first time at the conference and I got involved via the Plastic Industry Awards where I was lucky enough to win Young Designer of the Year. I'd definitely come back, it was great to listen to people like Dan Harden from Whipsaw and the other big names involved, and great that they were also listening to me. My role at PDD Group Ltd is going very well, it was hard work at the beginning but it's good to be kind of thrown into the deep end and I'm really enjoying it.

Mandy Saven, Head of Food, Beverage & Hospitality, Stylus
It went really well. It's my first time at PD+I and I came along specifically to speak at this session as Stylus has a partnership with the conference, but I've found the speakers I've heard to be of really high quality, so it was useful for me to listen too.

Katie Raath, Creative Global Director, Bacardi Global Brands
We've been doing some work with Chris Lefteri this year and he told me about the conference and it sounded like a great opportunity with really interesting speakers so I'm just thrilled to be involved. I've found it very interesting and varied on speakers with lots of food for thought.

Angus Lowe, GlaxoSmithKline
Great conference that brings the industrial design community together in the UK, I have come away feeling very inspired.

Derek Hindle, Global Innovations Director, Global Closure Systems
We've been quite involved in the caps and closures circuit for a while but this really allows us to touch people who are more interested in design and our design abilities rather than just the fact that we make plastic caps. I particularly thought the grouping of the presentations was good, we've just had a session that was heavily focussed on packaging and creative and the consumer insight so I've enjoyed it.

Arty Rajendra, Specialist IP Litigator, Rouse
I thought [PD+I 2015] was brilliant. It was really well organised and the quality of the speakers has been excellent. What I liked was the variety of the talks which covered lots of different subjects and it was really good to hear from the students as well, doing something from a slightly different segment of the design community was a really good idea. I haven't been before, most of the people here are designers and as an intellectual property lawyer I'm probably in a minority of one, but I'd certainly encourage people to come, including my clients. What was interesting was that unlike the legal profession where there are lots of conferences and meetings of minds, for this to be the only one for product designers, it's really great that the organisers are laying it on as it's an opportunity for people in the field to share information.

Nils Deringer, Aptar
Really great event to meet different people working in the design field and have inspiring discussions.


Testimonials 2014

“We are doing more events than ever before, but mainly within the computer industry. PD+I 2014 was refreshing for us, especially due to the quality of speakers, which was stunning. It was a real privilege to listen to them.” David Forrester, Lightwork Design.

“Ambition is not a dirty word. That’s what I like about PD+I, the fact that I can say that.” James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation, De Montfort University.

“I love the idea of this conference – making stuff happen. As car designers we need to make things happen.” David Hilton, Auto designer.

“We’ve been very happy with the conference, with lots of interest in our products on the stand. I also sat in on some of the speakers, who were very good, especially Robert Brunner. It’s all been very well done and I enjoyed it.”  Charles Page, PolyOne.

“I think the conference has re-invigorated my passion for design. Thinking about all the projects I’ve got going on and how I can do things differently. I’m feeling very enlivened by the experience.” Wendy Howard, Twig Design.

“Robert Brunner’s speech was great, as an engineer I’m interested in the materials side. I’m liking the conference, it’s a good place to get different ideas from several case studies. Looking at change management, things that work, things that didn’t work and how to do them differently.” Damiao Dias, Engineer.

“I enjoyed the conference and it’s always completely unpredictable. I think it’s quite refreshing that it still has an edge to it where many business conferences have become quite safe. You never quite know where the conversation’s going. How many times can you hear a mix of politics, sex and transvestites? Nobody’s phased by it here.” Ralph Ardill, Founder, The Brand Experience Consultancy.

“It’s been really well organized, even better than last year. The real highlight so far has been hearing Richard Seymour and Sir John Hegarty, as well as all the controversial views, because there have been a lot of different views. It’s been really interesting to be a part of it.” Angus Lowe, Glaxo SmithKline.


Testimonials 2013

“A thought provoking and stimulating event tackling a wide range of contemporary design issues in an engaging and thoughtful way.”
James Moultrie, Head of Design Management Group, Cambridge University

"Product Design+ Innovation offers a unique opportunity to meet the thought leaders of product design. A high level of debate and great engagement from the organisers made this a pleasure to attend.”
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Designswarm

“I learned a lot in a short time about some new and interesting aspects
to product design.”

Peter Marsh, Manufacturing editor, Financial Times

“Product Design+ Innovation is the only conference I know that properly covers
the full scope of the modern Industrial Design profession, from products and interaction to services.”

Gus Desbarats, Chairman, TheAlloy and Director, BIDA Association

"A significant meeting of some of the global players at the cutting edge of design - inspirational."
Jim Dawton, Lead Specialist - Design, Technology Strategy Board

“This conference is a great place to hear from and meet some of the
liveliest minds in the Design and Innovation businesses.”

Paul Sloane, Author and Speaker on lateral thinking, innovation and leadership, Destination Innovation

“As someone who spends a fair amount of time at digital, User Experience, and development events I experienced something quite different at the Product Design + Innovation conference. There was great dialogue, balanced perspectives and an unusually high standard of speakers and content. What set it apart more than anything, was seeing such a range of talented people who were happy to share their work, rather than harp on about theories and process. I'd definitely like to be a part of next year's conference and will be advocating it within my peer group.”
Jason Mesut, Head of User Experience, RMA – an NTT Data Company

“This was the first time I had attended the PD+I conference and the variety of speakers and case studies highlighted how the product design industry has shifted. It was notable how, through sharing experiences and discussions with others, 3D skills have become transferable and valuable within emerging design disciplines and implemented to create business growth.”
Paul De'Ath, UX Head of Services, Telefonica Digital

“The Product Design + Innovation conference brings together many heavyweights from the industrial design sector, so as a delegate you’re not just getting
one firm’s view, you’re getting a big picture of where the industry stands,
trends and future developments.”

Paul Priestman, Designer and Co-Founding Director, Priestmangoode


“I enjoyed the round table style debate at the Product Design + Innovation conference. It is great to have an 'arena' for professional discussions around design and manufacturing but also contemporary and futuristic industrial concepts.”
Assa Ashuach, Assa Studio and Digital Forming

“The Product Design + Innovation Conference is an outstanding platform to discuss and challenge hot topics in design. The gathering of great minds and inspiring case studies provided food for thought on how scientists, designers and users can collaborate in the future.”
Thomas Troch, Research Innovation Manager, Insites-Consulting

“With an inspiring variety of topics and debates, PD+I intelligently reflects a profession growing up, and becoming increasingly relevant in addressing issues that go way beyond the established contributions of design and innovation.”
Craig Wightman, Design Director, Kinneir Dufort


‘Speaking at the conference on a slightly controversial subject was very well managed by the session chair. The other panelists were good natured but forthright in their opinions and the audience were very supportive in their comments after the session.’
Dr Paul Reeves, Senior Technology Manager, Dassault-SolidWorks R&D

“PD+I was a perfectly well organized conference that was very inspiring for me, even though (or maybe because) I am not trained as a designer,”
Dr Eike Jahnke, Product Manager, Styrolution, PhD Chemistry

“What I liked about the conference was the variety of topics from all kind of industries. Some of the presentations and views were eye openers and enriched my knowledge.”
Hennes Fischer, Consultant, HF Consult

“The Product Design + Innovation Conference again featured an impressive line-up of speakers. More than listening to inspiring stories, the audience is encouraged to get involved and so interesting discussions about product design arise. Being part of that is great pleasure!”
Stijn De Rijck, Marketing Manager AMS, Materialise NV

“The conference was a fabulous opportunity to engage product designers who can have a massive role in making our products and systems more resource efficient, and our economy more “circular”. We were also able to promote some of the innovative projects we’re working on at C-Tech Innovation, and how we can help designers through the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network.”
Ben Peace, FRSA Manager, Sustainable Design, C-Tech Innovation Ltd a BIDA Company

“All in all, the PD+I conference treated industrial designers to an invigoratingly broad range of discussion and debate. With some of the most thought provoking perspectives coming from outside the industry, we're reminded that the surest way to avoid the perils of hype is to escape the design bubble to engage with, and strive to understand, the intricacies of other fields.”
Core 77


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